Paradoxically coexisting with undernutrition an escalating global epidemic of overweight and obesity – "globesity" – is taking over many parts of the world. If immediate action is not taken, millions will suffer from an array of serious health disorders....


Prediabetes is a "pre-diagnosis" of diabetes, a warning sign! It's a situation when your blood glucose level (blood sugar level) is higher than normal, but it's not high enough to be considered diabetes. Prediabetes is an indication that you could develop type 2...


IMPR founder is Prof. Zorica Rašić-Milutinović, MD,PhD internist-endocrinologist, former long-standing head of the Department of endocrinology and diabetes in the University hospital Zemun. Dr Rašić leads a team of doctors, consultants and nutritionists.


Main goals of our practice are diagnosis, prevention and treatment of metabolic and endocrine disorders: prediabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, thyroid disorders, PCOS, fertility problems, menopause problems etc.


At the IMPR you can also complete these subspecialist examinations: endocrinologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist-hepatologist, nephrologist, pulmonologist, hematologist, reumatologist.